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The 70th Annual Meeting of The Korean Physiological Society (KPS) will take place in Oak Valley Resort, Wonju, Gangwon-do at 25th – 27th, October, 2018. The meeting will feature renowned plenary speakers and a diverse set of symposia, with a particular focus on topics within Neurophysiology, Cardiovascular Physiology, Ion channel Physiology, Mitochondrial Physiology, Stem cell Physiology, Skin and Epithelial Physiology, Exercise Physiology etc. The social program includes a welcome reception (10/25) and the official buffet-style dinner (10/26) in the Grand Ballroom in Oak Valley Resort. The 70th anniversary has an important meaning for KPS, so special programs are prepared such as ’70 years old, 70 Minutes Mountain Walking’.
Academic Awards are planned as follows.

  • Yudang Award (유당학술상)
  • Young Physiologist Award (신진생리학자상)
  • Best KJPP Paper Award (KJPP 우수논문상)
  • Best Poster Awards (우수포스터상)